Welcome to DigiLite PC NZ

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DigiLite PC NZ develops software to your needs, you think of something and it will be made to work.


At this time we are developing software for:

- Windows (Vista, 7, 8, Mobile)
- Android
- iOS

If you want some software designed and written for you, please drop us a line.

Make me some software!

Our Software

At DigiLite PC NZ we develop software for everyday use, ranging from simple database editors, application interop,
system and process memory management, communication standard applications, fully fledged Content Management Systems,
application / database migration, Point of Sale, Hardware Controllers; the list goes on.

Custom software can be developed to no end, if you have an idea - we can make it.

Our software is primarily developed using CLR languages, such as C# from the .NET Framework.
This allows us to write for multiple devices (using Mono when needed) including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Unix based systems.
Other languages which software has been written in for our clients include:
- Native & Managed C/C++
- Visual Basic .NET
- Assembly

If you require a quote for a custom application to be developed, please feel free to Contact Us.